Our commitment is to safely work on all of our projects

Safety comes first at Elevator LLC, always. Our foremost commitment to a safe work environment is at the heart of our operation, and our comprehensive safety policies, systems, and programs are designed to engage the entire workforce in the delivery of safe work on all our projects.

We value safety

We all work hard at Elevator LLC to ensure that everyone goes home in good shape every day and that no one gets injured, ever. With this value as the focus of our safety culture, coupled with our excellent safety record, we have become known for more than a company with a great safety program, Elevator LLC is a safe company.

We plan for safety

We run a comprehensive safety training program.  It is ongoing at all levels – from site toolbox talks and safety workshops to safety management. Our proactive safety program is actively managed by a trained and dedicated staff of full-time safety professionals. We provide mentorship and guidance to effectively plan and perform work safely and then hold ourselves and our trade partners accountable for this safety performance.

Elevator Training Certificate

Elevator training certificate

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